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Electronic Arts have as of late declared the arrival of new cricket game under the standard of 'EA Sports Cricket 2019', regardless of suspension of the arrangement in 2007. EA Sports has chosen to wander into the cricket field once more taking a gander at the ubiquity in the Indian Market.

EA Sports Cricket 2007 sold more than 50 million duplicates worldwide and around 15 million individuals still play the game. Aside from the measurable certainty, the game has been an imperative segment of each ninety's conceived kid despite the fact that the game did not have player rights for the game. Just Boards of England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand benefited the player rights for the game.

From that point forward, EA Sports suspend the arrival of more up to date forms of the game every year as they focussed on the arrival of profoundly prevalent FIFA and NBA arrangement. In the interim, cricket darlings needed to proceed with different arrangement, for example, Brian Lara Cricket and Don Bradman cricket.

Looking for the high potential in the market particularly in India, EA Sports chose to push ahead with the arrival of EA Sports Cricket 2019 with satisfactory player rights from all sheets particularly BCCI. Despite the fact that the enthusiastic devotees of the game need to sit tight for the game for a long time, the declaration may come to them as a charming shock.

"Indeed, the board is right now thinking about on the best way to push ahead with the cricket game. We completed a market study and understood that near 15 million individuals still play the game, even after we quit creating in 2007. Subsequently, it just bodes well for us to recognize a solid potential there. We are additionally mindful that there are not really any contenders inside this market." said a source near Electronic Arts as indicated by Sportskeeda.

"Be that as it may, our essential goal if the game turns out in 2019, will be to secure ICC and BCCI rights for the players. Its a well known fact that India will be our essential area of offers, and this time on the off chance that we do wander once again into the market, it will be with player rights. Our delegates have just had gatherings with BCCI individuals, we should perceive how talks advance," included a similar source

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